• Events in Santiago

    Directory Room | 25 m2 / MR. Hotel
    Gabriela Mistral Room| 190 m2 /MR. Hotel
    Salón Cantalao | 225 m2 / MR. Hotel
    Salón Vicente Huidobro | 90 m2 / MR. Hotel
    Weddings / MR. Hotel
    Weddings / MR. Hotel
    Ayquina Meeting room / MR.Express
    Cotacotani Meeting room / MR. Express

    We know that events are versatile and need different types of spaces. The rooms of MR. Hotel and MR. Express are spacious and comfortable surrounded by a comfortable environment, also have an unbeatable location that guarantee the satisfaction of all attendees.

    Take advantage of our spaces to hold your meetings, seminars, workshops, congresses, showrooms and marriages with unrepeatable discounts.

    We have audiovisual equipment, gastronomic service, agreement with parking, and much more.

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